Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sports Uniforms: For The Benefit Of Athletes, Team Owners And Sponsors

Sports uniforms have gone beyond the function of differentiation and identification. Every field of sports has developed uniforms that offer several advantages for the athletes, such as performance enhancement, protection from injury and comfort.

 In terms of performance enhancement, big bucks have been spent on research and development to come up with hydrodynamic fabric used to minimize the drag and increase swimmers’ performance. With the track and field sports, shoes manufacturers came up with shoes and trainers that prevent make athletes run faster. With the marriage of technology and design engineering, running shoes can now make people “fly”.

Protection from injury is very important, especially for professional athletes. No team wants to injure their athletes, especially their star athletes. It is paramount to take necessary precautions during practices or competitions. Padded uniforms, knee caps and shin guards are important part of a uniform.

Comfort is just as important as performance and protection. Warm fabric is used for winter sports uniform. Light cool fabric for active sports such as tennis, football and basketball. It would be silly to garb one’s team with uniforms that will make their athletes sweat to the point of dehydration. 
Skaters need uniforms that enable them to move freely 
so they can execute their moves effortlessly with perfection.

The information above benefits the athletes more than anyone else. But no sport can ever be successful without a fan base. For the sake of the fans, sports teams wear unique uniforms so their fans can identify them during a game. Fans also identify their favorite athletes through their uniforms. Most uniforms have numbers or the athletes’ name printed conspicuously so fans can identify the players even from the farthest end of the stadium.

A sports team is expensive to maintain. On top of the athletes’ salaries, team owners have to spend for other professional services such as therapists, trainers and more. Sports uniforms have now become a tool for sports team owner to raise money. Team owners are able to generate funds by offering to have sponsors’ names or brands on the athletes’ uniforms.

All in all, sports uniforms are good for everyone. It gives athletes comfort and protection, while enhancing their game performance. It gives sports team owners additional avenue to raise funds for the team. Lastly, sports uniforms give sponsors additional platforms to advertise their brand.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Basics in T-shirt Printing

t shirt printingIf you are a graphic designer and want to print your art on a T-shirt, your only limitations are creativity and level of skill. In fact, anyone can create an art work and print it on a plain T-shirt. Transferring your artwork can then be done using silk screens. This will set new limitations and considerations until the final destination of your artwork.

These limitations can be overcome with the right amount of awareness and experience, and reasonable expectations for what is possible. It may be difficult to use T-shirt fabric as a design medium for it has inherent sets of constraints because of the printing process, porosity of the surface, inks used, and elasticity. Knowing these difficulties, however, means you are on the way to winning half the battle on T-shirt printing.

When designs are used on fabric or papers, it is best to use paper as a print medium after checking it on the computer screen. On the other hand, paper as medium isn't as absorbent as fabric because inks dry faster with minimal color being mixed. Importantly, you should realize that inks dry quickly near the surface. Fabric is decidedly more absorbent because it allows the ink to saturate deeper than paper. This is why it is more advantageous to use fabric for printing and making a permanent finish product. It also affects the quality and the way colors look, especially when using light-colored inks on dark T-shirts.

A good example of this is when you want to print a design on a black T-shirt. The color will translate differently since black t-shirt dominates the white ink. The only solution to this is to swipe the white ink twice with flashing in between each print. Another technique when printing T-shirts is using dark colored fabrics with white as under-base color. This process involves printing the first layer with white in order to create a blank canvas underneath the actual design before printing. This will also make the design more noticeable and bright to the eyes when used on dark colored t-shirts. Understanding these problems can improve your work. When using fabric as your design medium, it can dramatically improve the way you design and finish the product. Knowing the printer's challenges can help you effectively deal with the remaining steps, making the best result in the translation from computer screen to fabric. Using printed T-shirts has been widely used in hospitality uniforms especially in a tropical setting. In this case, one can do the design and then ask a uniform manufacturer to do the T-shirt printing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

What to Look for in A Uniform Supplier

Getting a new staff uniform is one of the things a business can do to freshen up their image to their customers. Fresh and new business uniforms never fail to invigorate the staff and get them ready for business too. There are many companies that specialize in manufacturing new uniforms so it can be difficult to choose one’s uniform supplier.

uniform supplier
One of the things to look for is a uniform supplier company that already has a proven track record in manufacturing quality uniforms. Deciding on having new uniforms can be expensive so it should be done with careful planning too. Choose a uniform supplier that can also help you in your design. This is true in both cases when you want to freshen up your existing uniforms or wish to have a completely new design for your business uniforms.

Bear in mind that a new uniform can be turned into a perfect gift for your staff. In this way, their uniforms should put them in a positive frame of mind for the days ahead. Choose a uniform supplier that puts value on the practical, the comfortable and the

stylish. Your new uniforms should be enjoyable to wear and should also be able to boost the morale of your staff. Uniforms should help portray a smart as well as a professional image.

uniform supplierA uniform supplier should be able to offer a design service for customized uniforms too.They should have uniform specialists who can offer face to face consultation to discuss your company’s uniform needs. This design service should include ideas on garment design visuals and fabric samples so that you can visualize your new uniform. Some uniform suppliers may also have shelf stock business uniforms. This will be helpful for companies who just want to refresh their existing uniforms with new garments.

It is also advisable to select a uniform supplier that can cater to your special needs like high quality garment customization. This includes machine embroidery, screen printing and garment finishing. Also, they should be able to add any logo or design to garments with a state of the art customisation facilities and an expert design team. All of these things should be taken into consideration when you choose your uniform supplier. Lastly, you should get value for money when you order your new set of business uniform from your supplier. Reasonable price and quality is one combination that you should look for when you choose your uniform supplier.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Office Uniforms Can Bring In More Business

Office UniformsWhat makes office uniforms crucial in a business is its presentation of the company. If we are talking about an enterprise that handles a lot of customer traffic like; coffee shops, courier services, and eateries for example, it has been proven that people spend 20% more in an environment managed by employees in business uniforms. A coherent work wardrobe inspires confidence in terms of knowledge and professionalism. Uniforms are an integral part of business presentation and marketing of your name. Customers and clients receive the impression of a safe environment and will also remember the enterprise more easily. Office uniforms not only inspire confidence but also bring more business.
Uniforms also have an advantageous impact on the employees wearing them. It allows employees to be easily identified. These can also have a positive impact on group-building, giving the team some sense of unity when working together. What really creates the unified look is the color scheme. This should be something closely related to the interior color scheme of your establishment. Same counts for the company logo, it should not only be seen on your store sign but should also be visible on the uniforms as well. Since the uniforms represent the business, anyone wearing also functions as a walking advertisement. In this way, you will be better able to set yourself apart from your competition. Marketing is as we all know essential to business and translate into small seeming things like business uniforms.

Office UniformsIn order to fulfill all of the above mentioned functions, uniforms do not have to be clever or complicated. Market research studies have proven the advantage of uniforms in the workplace. Uniforms are effective in order to create a successful association between the establishment and your logo and name. Uniforms may come in many different shapes, such as the standard T-shirt, jackets, scrubs, aprons, lab coats and polo shirts or hard caps; comfort should be a priority. What use is great looking uniforms that do not feel good. Employees should feel comfortable when fulfilling their responsibilities. Enterprise owners sometimes like to choose more flashy uniforms. Either way, one should watch out that these choices do not backfire and have a negative effect on your goals. People working in the service industry stand most of the time and need to be able to move about quickly so for them, practical business uniforms are more advantageous.