Monday, September 23, 2013

Business Uniforms Need Not Be Boring

Business uniforms help your customers because they will easily know who to approach for help. Uniforms are particularly important for events because your customers may be at a location unknown to them. And if everyone is dressed casually, it becomes awkward trying to work out who is actually hosting the event.

The important point to remember is that a uniform does not equal boring clothes. Times have changed from the high-waisted pleated front ladies' pants that were the only style available before because there are now many more designer styles available. Low-rise pants are common now as are many of the latest fashion features and trends. Corporate uniforms tend to follow current fashions and trends so if hem lines are up then so being the hems in the Uniforms available.

Business uniform styles will always lean towards the classical middle ground so they will last the test of time as far as fashion trends go, so the financial investment is justified in the long term. The fact that corporate clothing provides your staff with corporate apparel that is approved by management is an important aspect especially when you take into consideration how important image and client perceptions can be. Inappropriate attire can really test business relationships so if that has ever been an issue then uniforms are the solution. Companies like Promo Clothing can design and create a uniform for you from the conceptual stage so the process is much simpler than expected.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Business Uniform Places Your Company in the Spotlight

business uniforms
With today’s more relaxed business dress code, a business uniform is any type of work wear or clothing that is worn on the job – shirts, jackets, tees, aprons, scrubs, lab coats, hard hats, caps. What it really makes your company uniform is add your logo to it. Which leads to another benefit.

When your brand has put on a uniform, it becomes multi-functional. Not only does it serve its purpose as the approved company dress, it is now a walking billboard. Every time an employee wears his business uniform, the branded apparel comes into contact with someone outside your business, whether it be a customer or someone they see on the way to or from work. And those people could be your next best customers.

No matter what type of business you are engaged in, if you have employees who have contact with customers and potential customers , you will benefit from putting those employees in a branded uniform. If appropriately uniformed in corporate apparel – with consistent looking apparel featuring identifiable color schemes and company logos – customers view employees as more professional, reliable and knowledgeable.

In addition, employees outfitted in matching logoed apparel garner the following benefits for your business: Greater ability to attract customer’s attention, improved customer attitudes and confidence, enhanced company image and brand credibility and differentiation from the competition. These positive aspects mean employee business uniforms translate into a competitive advantage and ultimately have the ability to make a tangible impact on your company’s bottom line.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Should Your Company Be Consistent and Professional Through Corporate Clothing?

For the sake of consistency in office outfits and colors, corporate clothing might be the answer, when having to deal with office attire disciplinary issues more than a defined number of hours a year. When a supervisor has to consistently counsel and write memos regarding an employee who does not observe dress code guidelines, office uniforms would almost certainly prevent infraction from occurring. Employees should have a uniform that when constructed properly, maintained properly, and is worn when either designated or scheduled, should require no need for counsel, a memo or the need for further disciplinary actions. The executive team, business owner or executive director would provide the guidelines and if not observed, then and only then would a memo be given. If an infraction occurs after the memo, further action up to termination of employment may take place.

Because you will define the attire, your corporate clothing should be professional, guaranteeing a statement of professionalism about the business so that the customer can trust your business and your employees. The color will be based on your personal touch because the selections will be yours or a coordinated effort from management and the executive team. If desired, employees can place their own unique touches by adding a brooch, scarves, neckties and even their shoes will be their own selections not defined by management and not restricted unless you feel the need. This should ensure an image of consistency and professionalism for your business.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Benefits of Business Uniforms

business uniformBoth the employees and customers can be benefited by using business uniforms.
Company Benefits include: Workers in uniform are like a walking investment for your company. When wearing uniforms to malls, events in schools and going out to dinner, it makes it easier for potential clients to get interested in your company for future business transactions. Employees wearing uniform in some events will stand out to the crowd. They can be directly noticed because of the uniform they wear. The employee time management will be easier since they don't have to waste time choosing what to wear when going to work.
business uniform
Employee Benefits include: Employees will feel that they belong to a certain group. Just like in sports teams, schools and army’s, they can be easily identified. Some companies today are becoming strict regarding the wearing uniforms for it can identify a position in the company. It reflects the behavior of the person wearing them. The company’s who provide uniforms to their employees helps them save money too.

Having uniforms in your company or businesses helps you attract customers in a professional way. It also provides easy identification and helps you sell goods and services because your employees are always wearing uniforms with the company name on it.